Argenbright Group

We are a provider of workforce solutions in human capital-intensive industries headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with decades of experience in security, aviation services, and facilities management.

Our Group Companies

Unifi Services:

Unifi is the largest ground handling & aviation services company in North America, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with more than 20,000 employees working at more than 170+ locations.

Velociti Services:

Velociti Services is a facilities services company specializing in integrated facility management.  Its safety, service, solution model centers around client needs to provide one-stop solutions. Offering hard and soft facilities services, Velociti’s integrated approach offers solutions for many commercial market segments.


Amberstone are a major supplier of comprehensive, end-to-end intelligence and security services and one of the leading providers of electronic security solutions operating across the UK and Europe.

Argenbright Innovation Labs:

Argenbright Innovation Lab’s objectives are aligned with the values of our group company – to build happier societies using high impact deep technology. Our research and innovation focuses on bringing latest technologies to labor intensive frontline services and associated hourly wage workforce. We strive hard to add continuous value to people involved in our ecosystem – our employees, associates, customers and their employees, and end customers.